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MD100 Slimline Folding Door


● Slimline Max weight: 250kg | W ≤ 900 | H ≤ 4500

● Other Series Max weight: 300kg | W ≤ 1300 | H ≤ 6000

● Glass thickness: 30mm 


● Concealed Hinge

● Top and Bottom Bearing Roller | For Heavy Duty and Anti-Swing

● Dual High-Low Track & Concealed Drainage

● Concealed Sash

● Minimalist Handle

● Semi-Automatic Locking Handle

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In the realm of architectural innovation, MEDO stands as a paragon of excellence,

originating from the United Kingdom.

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As a leading slimline

aluminum window and door manufacturer,

MEDO is renowned for crafting bespoke solutions for high-end projects,

embodying the essence of minimalist style.

In the spirit of continuous evolution,

MEDO proudly unveils its latest masterpiece

– the MD100 Slimline Folding Door.

This door not only epitomizes the company's commitment to

customization but also sets a new

standard for elegance, functionality, and performance.



Concealed Hinge


The MD100 Slimline Folding Door features

a concealed hinge system,adding to the sleek and streamlined appearance.


The hidden hinges not only contribute to

the door's aesthetic appeal,

but also eliminate potential points of vulnerability, enhancing

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Top and Bottom Bearing Roller | For Heavy Duty and Anti-Swing


Designed for durability and stability,

the MD100 incorporates a top and bottom bearing roller system.

This not only ensures smooth and effortless operation but also provides robust support,

making it ideal for heavy-duty applications.


The anti-swing feature adds an extra layer of functionality, preventing undesirable movement in windy conditions.

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Dual High-Low Track & Concealed Drainage
Goes beyond conventional door designs with its dual highlow track system. 
This innovative feature not only facilitates the folding motion with precision 

but also contributes to the door's structural integrity. 
The concealed drainage system efficiently manages water runoff, 
preventing any water-related issues and maintaining the door's flawless appearance.

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Concealed Sash

Embracing the theme of concealment, the MD100 features concealed sashes, further enhancing its minimalist aesthetics.

This design choice ensures that the sashes seamlessly integrate into the overall frame, contributing to the door's clean and uncluttered appearance.

At the core of the door design philosophy is a commitment to minimalism.


Minimalist Handle

The MD100 Slimline Folding Door is equipped with a minimalist handle, perfectly aligned with its design philosophy.

The handle is not just a functional element; it's a design statement that complements the overall aesthetic,

providing a seamless and cohesive look to the door.

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Semi-Automatic Locking Handle

Security meets convenience with the semi-automatic locking handle of the MD100.

This feature ensures that the door is securely locked with minimal effort, providing peace of mind without compromising ease of use.

Performance Excellence


Heat and Sound Proof

Air Tightness

Low Maintenance

Versatile Applications

Global Appeal

MEDO acknowledges the importance of cultural aesthetics in architecture.

The MD100 Slimline Folding Door can be customized to align with specific cultural

preferences, from finishes to materials,

ensuring seamless integration into diverse architectural styles.

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Luxurious Residences

allows homeowners to seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor spaces, creating an expansive and inviting environment.

Modern Apartments

Its slimline design, concealed features, and folding mechanism make it an excellent fit for modern apartments.

Commercial Spaces

The folding door is not confined to residential applications; it also elevates the design and functionality of commercial spaces.

 Office Buildings

In corporate environments, where aesthetics and functionality are equally important, the MD100

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Retail Establishments

Its concealed features and panoramic view enhance the display of merchandise,  attracting customers and creating an immersive shopping experience.

Hospitality Venues

resorts benefit create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.



Unblocked View

the perfect accompaniment to any room, transforming living areas into bright and open spaces

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MEDO: Crafting Innovation, One Project at a Time

MEDO's commitment to customization ensures that the door not only meets but exceeds the unique demands of each project, contributing to the creation of timeless and exceptional spaces worldwide.

Elevate your project with the MD100 a door that transforms spaces and redefines architectural possibilities.

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